About Us

The real estate agency “GEOS” is a Baltic company with an operational experience in European market . We protect the interests of our clients and give maximum attention to their needs, providing assistance both for buying and selling transactions of the real estate in Georgia, as well as residential/commercial rentals. We work with wide variety of local companies that specialize in construction of new buildings, and rental agencies for the for apartments and country real estate. “GEOS” adheres to the accepted international standards of business activity, while supporting building of civilized relations in the real estate market in Georgia. The system of management of our company has withstood the test of time by our successful work. All of the above confirms high quality of services, transparency, and flexibility to create success in all of our endeavourers in all the regions that GEOS has representative offices. Our Purpose as professionals – «All the best that is in the real estate market - for you» Our services are : New buildings Furnished aparatment for rent Sales Buying Consultation But we’ll make more fore you!